Michael Saylor Inspired This Bitcoin T-Shirt Design

Michael Saylor Inspired This Bitcoin T-Shirt Design

Neil Jacobs ·

The Story Behind Michael Saylor's Inspiration for the Design

If you've ever wondered why this Bitcoin T-Shirt features a Cyber Hornet, the story behind it is quite interesting. In September of 2020, Michael Saylor - the founder of Microstrategy Inc. - tweeted out the following:

"Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom." It wasn't long before his tweet caught fire and his coined term 'Cyber Hornets' went viral on social media. Inspired by Michael Saylor's use of this metaphor, our Cyber Hornets Bitcoin T-Shirt was born!

Michael Saylor Tweet Describing Cyber Hornets as a metaphor for bitcoin.

This unique design pays homage to Michael Saylor and his powerful words which inspired so many. The vibrant colors represent Nature's power, while the Cyber Hornet serves as a reminder that Bitcoin - like any other powerful force in nature - should be taken seriously.

What Makes the T-Shirt Suitable for All Occasions?

This T-Shirt is perfect for proclaiming your support for Bitcoin. It doesn't shout out Bitcoin to the average person, but its design conveys the message to bitcoiners. The Cyber Hornets are a representation of the digital hive that powers Bitcoin's blockchain and their iconic stripes remind us of the strength, power, and resilience within bitcoiners.

Whether you're off to a bitcoin meetup or simply running errands, this T-Shirt will always make you look stylish and keep you comfortable at the same time.

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